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You may be struggling with a particular problem, emotion or relationship. I offer counselling and therapy in a purpose-built garden counselling room in Ravenshead, outdoors in natural spaces in and around Nottingham and Mansfield or via online video session. Whatever your preferred format, I can incorporate nature through visualisations, metaphors and grounding exercises which means you can benefit both from talking therapy and the healing power of nature.

Louise Gungaram - outdoor counselling and therapy in Nottingham and Mansfield, pictured in Blidworth Woods
Louise Gungaram – The Outdoor Counsellor, Nottingham and Mansfield

Counselling and therapy services, Nottingham

I have a purpose-built garden counselling room inspired by nature in Ravenshead. In addition, I offer outdoor counselling and therapy sessions in parks and woodlands around Nottingham and Mansfield. Factors such as location, working hours and accessibility mean outdoor counselling may not be suitable for everyone. I also offer counselling via online video session which can be accessed from anywhere across the UK. You may choose to sit in a natural space such as a garden during therapy sessions and / or I can incorporate techniques to bring the healing elements of nature into sessions.

I strongly believe in making counselling and therapy accessible to all and removing barriers. I work with a wide range of clients aged 11 and over from different backgrounds, races, religions and sexualities. During my psychotherapy training, my research interests included working effectively with mixed-race clients and neurodiverse clients. I have also undergone further CPD (continuous professional development) on working with racial trauma and have lived experience of racism being mixed-race myself. I am a registered member of the BACP.

Why outdoors?

There is evidence that spending time in nature can have benefits such as reducing stress levels, heart rate and cortisol levels, enhancing both physical and mental health. Walking in nature and physically being in movement can help when feeling stuck and nature offers many metaphors that can help us understand what is going on in our lives.

Many people find the idea of traditional therapy in an office intense or intimidating. I have designed my counselling room with nature in mind and have a flexible space where we can sit outside or inside. Conducting a counselling session whilst walking outside can help take away some of the pressure. Silence can be very powerful in the therapeutic process in allowing people to get in touch with thoughts and feelings they keep hidden away. Silence outside when there are the natural sounds of wind and birdsong can feel much less intimidating and more comfortable than silence inside a room.

I work at your pace and comfort level. If outdoors, you may prefer to walk and talk the whole session or spend most of the session sitting in an outdoor space or a combination of the two. I work with clients with a wide range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • trauma
  • eating disorders
  • addictions
  • relationships
  • bereavement

My fees are £50 per 50 minute session. Currently, my best availability is on Monday to Wednesday mornings, but please get in touch to discuss up to date availability as this can change at short notice.


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