I’m excited to let you know about my purpose-built garden room in Ravenshead – The Counselling Cabin. There are enough things that you might be wondering about when starting counselling. To avoid any worries about where the counselling will actually take place, in this blog I will give you a virtual tour so you know what to expect from the space.

The Counselling Cabin, Ravenshead - cosy chairs, cushions and blankets, lit  up at night
The Counselling Cabin, Ravenshead lit up at night

Getting to The Counselling Cabin

The Counselling Cabin is located in Ravenshead and there is off street parking available. I don’t have a waiting room so please arrive at your scheduled appointment time and I will take you straight through to the cabin. There are a few steps leading up to the cabin.

Exterior of The Counselling Cabin, Ravenshead - garden counselling room with windows
Exterior of The Counselling Cabin, Ravenshead

Designing the space

Boxes of stones used in The Counselling Cabin, Ravenshead

The space has been designed to be inspired by and blend in with nature. I also have boxes of natural objects in the room. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to describe a feeling or situation so you may wish to choose an object to represent that instead.

Inside The Counselling Cabin, Ravenshead - comfy chair and views to the garden

You may be wondering as an outdoor counsellor why I have an indoor space. My approach to counselling is influenced by my passion for connecting people to nature. By designing my own counselling room which is in a natural setting and bringing natural objects inside, it means you can still be connected to nature without having to physically be outside.

Outdoor counselling may not be suitable for everyone and, particularly at this time of year, it is restricted to daylight hours when many people are at work and therefore not able to attend counselling sessions. The Counselling Cabin doesn’t have these restrictions so you can fit counselling around your work and life commitments – and not have to worry about the weather!

Inside The Counselling Cabin

Blankets in The Counselling Cabin, Ravenshead

I want you to feel comfortable, so there are cushions and blankets you can use if you wish. The cabin is well insulated and there is also a heater to keep warm in the winter. It is up to you if you wish to take your coat and / or shoes off or keep them on. I regularly clean the cabin so either way is fine by me.

I will also be guided by you what feels comfortable in terms of keeping the doors closed which can feel more private and enclosed, or opening the doors and windows where we are able to hear sounds such as birdsong. 

The space is flexible and there is a patio area outside the cabin with seating so, weather permitting, if you wish to sit outside we can. This can change from session to session so if you choose to sit inside one week it does not mean you have to do this every week.


I hope you have enjoyed this peek into The Counselling Cabin and if you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from counselling, please get in touch.